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Finding Other Options Daily (FOOD)

Partnered with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Initiative this program focuses on nutritional and physical education and activities. This programs aims to positively instruct participants on the beneficial effects of exercise, healthy food choices, the reading of nutritional label, healthful cooking techniques, and the influence of the media on food choices.

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Wealth my Worth (WOW)

Entrepreneurship Club: Develops participants financial literacy and helps participants to focus on their career goals and entrepreneurship skills through workshops, lectures, peer mentoring, trips, project-based activities

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Anti-Generation Genocide

Ensures that participants can operate in a violent free and anti-bully atmosphere. The program encourages the development of leadership, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, mediation, and problem solving skills

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Promises of Pregnancy Prevention (PPP)

Aims to make participants aware and responsible for their health through special workshops on health education, trips, and peer mentoring. Many workshops are led by Children’s Aid Society- Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Unit, Mt. Sinai’s Adolescent Health Department and CAMBA’s Pregnancy Prevention Program. This program work closely with at-risk youth and their parents